We’re based in Mount Gambier which is located in the South East of South Australia. Our team is made up of myself (Marcos), my wife (Molly) our daughters (Tilley & Emanuella) and our rescue greyhound (Indy). I am originally from Espírito Santo State in Brazil and came to Australia on an agricultural exchange and fell in love with the country and its coffee culture.

We only started our coffee journey here in Australia about three years ago, however as I’m Brazilian you could say coffee is in my blood. I’ve grown up in Vila Valério, Espírito  Santo which is one of the biggest coffee producing regions in my state. I have a degree in Agronomy which has given me a real insight into the production of the entire coffee chain as well as opportunities to work with many coffee producers in my state. When coming to Australia I was so impressed with the coffee culture here as well as the love and education around coffee and saw a great opportunity to showcase some of the incredible specialty coffee from my country here in Australia. 

Our roasting process begins with the choosing the coffee. We source only specialty coffee from small coffee farms which use selective picking methods to ensure it's high quality and generally all of the work is done by the family, by hand. When it comes to roasting there is always something to learn which is what I love about the industry and my focus is always on achieving perfection with every roast.

We trade directly with our farms without any third party involved, meaning we source the samples, we handle all parts of the exporting and importing process ourselves and all payments go directly to the farms. In working like this we can look our customers in the eye with honesty and tell them we know exactly where their coffee comes from, the family that produced it and how it got here.