Michael Alcântara - Java
Michael Alcântara - Java
Michael Alcântara - Java
Michael Alcântara - Java

Michael Alcântara - Java

Brasil Specialty Coffee
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PRODUCER: Michael Alcântara

FARM: Fazenda Divino Espírito Santo

INSTAGRAM: @cafegourmetpiata

LOCATION: Chapada DiamantinaPiatã | BA

ALTITUDE: 1350 masl


DRIED: Raised bed + Patio

SIEVE: 16up

PROCESS: Natural fermented by 36 hrs 

NOTES: Floral, mango, apricot, peach

ROAST: Filter or Espresso

Fazenda Divino Espírito Santo is the farm of producer Michael Alcântara which is located in Piatã in the Chapada Diamantina region. Michael and his wife Patrícia started producing coffee in 1993 when they moved with their three daughters from the capital of the state of Salvador with the objective of producing coffee in the region.

Michael and Patrícia are first generation coffee producers meaning they needed to seek extensive knowledge to learn the art of producing coffee.

The climatic and altitude of 1350 MALS are conditions favorable to the production of specialty coffee, but the technical conditions and machinery were practically nonexistent at the time and even with the absence of electricity that only reached the farm in 2015.

Michael says they used sunlight and had the help of a fuel-powered generator set. Coffee production relied on the great effort and manual dedication of the whole family and some workers.

Fazenda Divino Espírito Santo has 11 hectares growing coffee where all the picking process is made selectively, only harvesting the ripe cherries with the help of the entire family, including their three daughters, Milena, Letícia & Cecília who are also passionate about coffee cultivation.