Eduardo Tozi - Espresso
Eduardo Tozi - Espresso

Eduardo Tozi - Espresso

Brasil Specialty Coffee
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FARM: Sítio Floresta

INSTAGRAM: @eduardotozi

LOCATION: Caxixe Quente, Castelo | ES

ALTITUDE: 1000 masl

VARIETY: Red Catuaí

PROCESS:  Pulped Natural

NOTES: Orange, caramel, milk chocolate

ROAST: Espresso

Sítio Floresta is the farm of producer Eduardo Tozi. Today the property reaches its 4th generation of family farming. Their story began with their great-grandfathers, Italians, who migrated from Italy to Espírito Santo, Brazil in 1880. As soon as they arrived on Brazilian soil they began to establish coffee culture in the mountains of Espírito Santo region, paving the way for the development of coffee culture in the region as we now know it today.